Are Cherries Good For Gout?

Are cherries good for gout? The problem affects millions of men and women in the UK every year. And these people are all looking for a solution to what is a very real and painful condition. One possible solution to this age old problem is to eat cherries. But are cherries good for gout? And what do the professionals think? Can something as straightforward as a bowl of humble sweet red fruit solve a medical condition that has a devastating impact on the lives of between one and two people in the UK?

The positive relationship between cherries and gout was identified way back in 1950 and reported in the Texas Report on Biology and Medicine. In a more recent study, in 2003, 10 healthy females ate two servings of Bing cherries on a daily basis. Their uric acid rates fell by 15%. An investigation that followed 633 patients with gout for a year discovered that patients who ate 10-12 cherries or cherry extract for two days reduced the likelihood of a gout attack by 35%.  In addition the risks of a gout attack dropped by 75% when patients added a natural gout supplement like Uriciplex.


Why are cherries good for gout sufferers?

Gout comes about when sufferers experience a build-up of uric acid. Cherries help the sufferers by fighting inflammation and decreasing the uric acid levels in the gout sufferer’s blood stream. The less uric acid in the blood, the less pressure on the kidneys, and the less chance there is of the uric acid building up over time and an attack of gout occurring.

What is it about cherries that make them such an essential part of any treatment and prevention of gout? The magic that gout sufferers are in need of is Anthocyanins 1 and 2, and guess where they are found in their most intense concentration - cherries. Sure there are some other fruits that have some of the elements, but cherries are packing obioflavonoids and antioxidants too, so they win by a mile as the power fruit of choice for gout sufferers.

Using a cherry supplement for gout

Cherries are a low calorie fruit and you can eat cherries in a wide variety of forms. A real positive for gout sufferers for who weight gain is often a problem. Many gout sufferers report that consuming cherries is a pleasure as a well as a relief from their painful symptoms.  You can consume cherries in any way that suits you, frozen, fresh, baked, juice or in pill form. And both the sweet and black varieties are a positive addition to your gout prevention diet. It’s recommended that suffers eat around the equivalent of 25 cherries per day – for that you’ll get the equivalent relief that goes way beyond what painkillers such as Aspirin can offer.

So the positive relationship between gout and cherries is well evidenced but how much and when should you consume of the magic cherry?

After each meal, you will need to eat at least a cup of fresh or dehydrated cherries, for active pain management. Alternative ways to get your cherry daily pain relief dose includes drinking a cup of cherry juice, black cherry juice or tart cherry juice twice a day or consuming two tablespoons of concentrated cherry powder with a cup of water, finally you could use a supplement like Uriciplex which contains cherry extract and other powerful gout fighting ingredients.

Cherries can even help if sufferers are in the midst of a gout flare up, offering timely relief, and some patients have found that eating as much as 30 to 40 cherries four times a day during a gout attack offers substantial relief. It is also recommended that you can consume a similar amount on a daily basis to prevent a flare up.

Studies have also found that consuming a liquid cherry extract – such as those sold in many high street and online health outlets– seems to offer similar relief. In an analysis of 24 patients delivered at the European League Against Rheumatism in 2010, academics at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School in New Brunswick, N.J., reported a 50 percent decrease in flashes of pain when gout patients consumed just a single tablespoon of tart cherry extract – the equal of 45 to 60 cherries – two times a day for four months; proving a strong positive link between treating gout and cherry juice consumption.

Uriciplex contains a powerful combination of ingredients to help fight against gout whether your suffering a flare up right now or looking for a long term solution to prevent future flare ups, we believe Uriciplex is the answer.

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