A Guide to Gout-Friendly UK Desserts

Navigating the world of desserts when you have gout can be tricky, but it doesn't mean you have to miss out on sweet indulgences.

This guide is designed to help those with gout discover a variety of delectable, gout-friendly desserts in the UK, ensuring you can enjoy your treats without the worry of a painful flare up.

Understanding Gout and Diet

Gout is a type of arthritis characterized by painful flare-ups, often linked to elevated uric acid levels caused by certain foods.

Managing your diet is key to controlling gout, and this includes being mindful of the desserts you choose. Foods high in purines, which increase uric acid, are particularly important to avoid.

Desserts to Enjoy - Gout-Friendly Choices

  1. Fruit-Based Treats: Opt for a classic Eton Mess, substituting strawberries with cherries, known for their gout-fighting properties. You should also reduce the amount of high sugar meringue.

    A simple English fruit fool, made with low-purine fruits like berries and a swirl of low-fat cream, can be a delightful treat.
  2. Dairy Delights: Try a twist on the traditional trifle by using low-fat custard and sponge cake, layered with fresh fruits.

    A Bakewell tart, with its almond base, can be a good choice when enjoyed in moderation.
  3. Baked Goods: Scones, a staple of British teatime, can be made gout-friendly with whole wheat flour and served with a dollop of low-fat cream.

    Also, consider flapjacks made with minimal sugar and filled with oats and seeds.
  4. Frozen Desserts: Homemade sorbets, particularly those made with lemon or blackcurrants, are both refreshing and safe for gout sufferers.

    Low-fat frozen yogurt topped with a mix of fruits is another excellent option.
  5. Seasonal Fruit Crumbles: Embrace the seasons with fruit crumbles using low-purine fruits like apples or blackberries, and a low sugar whole grain topping for a heartier choice.
  6. Victoria Sponge Cake: A classic, made with low-fat ingredients and fresh fruit fillings like strawberries (substitute with cherries for a safer gout option).
  7. Lemon Drizzle Cake: A zesty option, perfect for its low purine content. Use almond flour and a sugar substitute for a healthier twist.
  8. Gout-Safe Puddings: Bread and butter pudding using whole grain bread, or a rice pudding made with almond milk and a hint of vanilla, can be both comforting and safer for gout sufferers.

Desserts to Avoid

Certain popular UK desserts can be problematic for gout sufferers. For example:

  • Sticky toffee pudding, with its high sugar and cream content, is best avoided.
  • Traditional Christmas pudding, often rich in dried fruits (high in purines), should also be consumed cautiously.
  • Treacle tart, while delicious, is high in refined sugars, which can trigger gout flare-ups.

As a general rule if the dessert is particularly high in sugar it is often best to avoid. For those with moderate sugar portion control is key.

Tips for Making Gout-Friendly Desserts at Home

Experiment with ingredient swaps to make your favourite desserts more gout friendly. Use natural sweeteners like honey in moderation and opt for whole grains and low-fat dairy products.

Again, portion control is also essential, even with healthier dessert options.


Having gout doesn't mean saying goodbye to all desserts. By choosing the right ingredients and recipes, you can still enjoy a sweet treat without fear of flare-ups.

References and Further Reading For a deeper dive into managing gout through diet, visit:

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